As a photographer I’m working mostly with my own projects at the moment. In recent years I’ve had focus on marine mammals like humpback whales and spinner dolphins. Fascinated by these animals I’ve been exploring their character and willingness to communicate. I am also realizing the acute need for an accelerated marine conservation, when I see the habitat of these animals quickly decline.

My passion for the sea started when living in Greenland and I came to meet a humpback whale in a close encounter for the first time. It´s breath from the enormous nostrils was stinking but it´s movements was ever so gentle. Also the greenlandic culture since ancient times is inseparable from the ocean.

I’ll be more than happy to come to you and show my photos in a lecture about the life Beneath the Surface – the name of my marine mammalproject – or about life in Greenland. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you takae interest in any of my work.

Eva Johnson